SKYRUN 3HP KF-75LWAK/A Standing Air Conditioner



SKYRUN 3HP Split Air Conditioner complement the beauty of your home without compromising on its cooling performance. With innovative features like allergy reduction filters, our split air conditioners offer the best way to cool your space. It’s always easier to manage the cold by adding an extra layer of clothes; however, managing the heat can be a different story. SKYRUN has a proven solution to both excessive heat and excessive cold; you can depend on SKYRUN Air conditioner for reliability and efficient selection of air conditioners. Comfort at home should never be a luxury, which is why we’ve taken the time and care to design and manufacture first-class air conditioning solutions.


  • Unique designed air inlet
  • Lower noise and raise efficiency.
  • High efficient intelligent defrost function
  • Effective dust strainer/ anion generator/ light catalyst for health(selectable)
  • Random pitch fan, quiet run, and low noise
  • International famous-brand high-efficiency compressor
  • Powerful dehumidification


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